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3D Cell-Based Biosensors In Drug Discovery Programs: Microtissue Engineering For High Throughput Screening William S. KisaalitaT&F India20109781420073492 Rs. 695.00
Advanced Biophotonics WangT&F20149781439895818 £ 127.00
Apoptosis In Health And Disease: Clinical And Therapeutic Aspects Holcik,M., Mackenzie,A.E.Springer20059780521529563 € 99.67
Arthritis Research: Volume 2: Methods And Protocols Cope A. P.Springer20079781588299185 € 154.99
Bioceramic Coatings For Medical Implants: Trends And Techniques Heimann,R.B. & Lehmann,H.D.John Wiley20159783527337439 $ 198.00
Biocomputing Panos M. Pardalos, Jose C. PrincipeSpringer20029781402006418 € 169.95
Bioenergy Research: Advances And Applications Gupta, Vijai G. & Kublcek, Christian P. Et Al.Elsevier20149780444595614 $ 179.95
Bioengineering In Cell And Tissue Research Artmann Gerhard M. Et.AlSpringer20089783540754084 € 119.99
Biomaterials Veronique MigonneyJohn Wiley20149781848215856 $ 109.95
Bio-Materials And Prototyping Applications In Medicine Bártolo, Paulo Jorge, Bidanda, Bopaya (Eds.)Springer20089780387476827 € 129.99
Biomaterials Science: An Introduction To Materials In Medicine, 3Rd Edition Ratner, Hoffman, Schoen , LemonsElsevier20139780123746269 $ 129.95
Biomechanics: Principles And Practices Peterson Donald R. Et.Al.T&F20159781439870983 £ 89.00
Biomedical Applications Of Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy: A Practical Approach Moss DavidRoyal Society Of Chemistry20109780854041541 £ 139.99
Biomedical Composites: Materials, Manufacturing And Engineering Davim, J. PauloDe Gruyter20149783110266696 € 149.95
Biomedical Data And Applications Tharam Dillon, Amandeep S. Sidhu, Matthew BellgardSpringer20099783642021923 € 194.99
Biomedical Engineering Principles [Special Indian Edition] Rey LouisT&F India20099780824796167 Rs. 795.00
Biomedical Engineering Principles In Sports (Hb) Hung G.K.Springer20049780306484773 € 259.00
Biomedical Epr - Part A: Free Radicals, Metals, Medicine And Physiology Eaton S.S.Springer20059780306485060 € 359.00
Biomedical Epr, Part A: Free Radicals, Metals, Medicine, And Physiology. Part B: Methodology, Instrumentation, And Dynamics Eaton, Sandra SSpringer20059780387231273 € 228.40
Biomedical Ethics For Engineers ValleroElsevier India20139789382291961 Rs. 425.00
Biomedical Foams For Tissue Engineering Applications Paulo NettiElsevier20149780857096968 $ 250.00
Biomedical Hydrogels: Biochemistry, Manufacture And Medical Applications Rimmer SWoodhead Publishing20119781845695903 $ 230.00
Biomedical Image Understanding: Methods And Applications Lim,J.H. & Ong,S.H. Et.Al.John Wiley20159781118715154 $ 154.95
Biomedical Imaging Morris, PeterElsevier20149780857091277 $ 215.00
Biomedical Imaging Feng Lin, Sun-Yuan Kung, Malini OlivoSpringer20099781441911650 € 192.60

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