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Dairy Fats and Related Products A. Y. TamimeWILEY INDIA20159788126557301 Rs. 4495
Dairy Processing Improving Quality Gerrit SmitELSEVIER INDIA20159789351073284 Rs. 4495
Encyclopedia Of Dairy Sciences, 4 Volumes Set, 2Nd Edition Fuquay John W. Et. Al.ELSEVIER INDIA20149789351071570 Rs. 39995.00
Fat Rich Dairy Products ThompkinsonNipa20159789383305803 Rs. 1500.00
Handbook Of Functional Dairy Products Shortt Colette Et. AlT&F India20049781587160776 Rs. 4495.00
Mechanisation and Automation in Dairy Technology Adnan Y. TamimeWILEY INDIA20159788126557325 Rs. 4995

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