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Advances In Cognitive Neurodynamics: Proceedings Of The International Conference On Cognitive Neurodynamics - 2007 Wang, Rubin, Gu, Fanji,Springer20089781402083860 € 289.00
Alzheimer: 100 Years And Beyond Yves Christen, Konrad Beyreuther, Roger M. NitschSpringer20069783540376514 € 259.00
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Animal Models Of Epilepsy Baraban, Scott C. (Ed.)Springer20099781603272629 € 129.95
Atlas Of The Sensory Organs: Functional And Clinical Anatomy Csillag A.Springer20059781588294128 € 154.99
Auditory Perception Of Sound Sources Yost, William A.Springer20089780387713045 € 129.95
Bioelectromagnetics Current Concepts: The Mechanisms Of The Biological Effect Of Extremely High Power Pulses Ayrapetyan,S.N., Markov,M.S.Springer20069781402042768 € 249.00
Bioimaging In Neurodegeneration Broderick P. A.Springer20059781588293916 € 199.99
Biomarkers For Psychiatric Disorders Turck,C.Springer20099780387792507 € 129.99
Bios Instant Notes In Neuroscience, 3Rd Edition Longstaff, AlanT&F India20159780415607698 Rs. 495.00
Brain Hypoxia And Ischemia Gabriel G. Haddad, Shan Ping YuHumana Press20099781603275781 € 189.99
Brodmann's Brodmann, KSpringer20069780387269177 € 74.99
Cell Cycle In The Central Nervous System Janigro, DamirSpringer20069781588295293 € 269.00
Cell-Cycle Mechanisms And Neuronal Cell Death Copani, AgataSpringer20059780306478505 € 128.16
Circuits In The Brain: A Model Of Shape Processing In The Primary Visual Cortex Legendy, CharlesSpringer20099780387888484 € 129.99
Cognitive Neuroscience Of Attention Michael I. PosnerGuilford Press20129781609189853 $ 95.00
Cognitive Neurosciences Nicole FioriPhi20109788120340374 Rs. 175.00
Cognitive Psychology : A Students Handbook, 7Th Edition Eysenck,M.W.ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY20159781848724167 £ 39.99
Computational Maps In The Visual Cortex Miikkulainen R.Springer20059780387220246 € 132.95
Cortico-Subcortical Dynamics In Parkinson'S Disease Kuei-Yuan TsengHumana Press20099781603272513 € 229.00
Current Hypotheses And Research Milestones In Alzheimer's Disease Maccioni,R.B., Perry,G.Springer20099780387879949 € 129.99
Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms: State Of The Science And Research Needs Hudnell, H. KennethSpringer20089780387758640 € 249.00
Developmental Neurobiology 4/Ed. Rao, Mahendra SSpringer20059780306483301 € 99.95
Diet — Brain Connections Mattson, Mark P. (Ed.)Springer20029781402071294 € 184.99
Dynamic Brain Imaging: Multi-Modal Methods And In Vivo Applications (Methods In Molecular Biology) Hyder, FahmeedHumana Press20089781934115749 € 104.99

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